Personal Wordsmiths

We work with you behind the scenes to craft words that matter.

With help from us, our clients have expressed themselves effectively in every context imaginable: resumes and LinkedIn, online dating profiles, sensitive personal and professional emails, pitches to investors and more.

We are aces at persuasion, and proponents of the pause before you hit send. We’ll help you frame your written and spoken words in a way that is powerful, honest and always authentic to you.

Our approach is tailored entirely to each client. From writing a high-level resume or delicate email to ongoing support for all of your communications, we can provide as much or as little help as you need.

Samantha Moss

Samantha Moss has been rewriting her friends’ book reports, letters from camp, love notes, breakup letters and every other form of communication since she could hold a pencil. When she grew up, she became Senior Copy Chief at Pottery Barn, where she led the team defining the voices of Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids and PBteen. Samantha’s freelance writing clients have included Williams-Sonoma, Google, YouTube, Weather Underground, LeapFrog, Minted, PG&E, Sam’s Club, Mekanism, Chef's Catalog and Art.com.

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Stacy Thal

Stacy Thal has over 15 years in copywriting and multichannel content strategy for brands such as Google, Yahoo, Pottery Barn, Walmart, RedEnvelope and Cisco. Her clients have also included nonprofits like ArtSpan San Francisco, and public figures such as Mayor Gavin Newsom. Prior to all that, her 15-year screenwriting career sharpened her skills for teasing out the heart of a story, and gave her a keen ear for language that hits home.

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Thank you for all the words you have written for me over the years. Your fast acting, uncanny ability to get to the heart of an issue (personal or professional), to see my intentions, and put just the right words together for me, has been invaluable.
1 / 11
You somehow take the exact essence of my intention and boil it down to what I would love to say. Not only did you help me write a dating profile I loved, but after Will and I got engaged, you helped me express myself clearly and honestly. Thank you for being my magician behind the curtain!
2 / 11
Thank you so much for your resume writing. It was tremendously effective, and your feedback was spot on. I've sent my new resume to executive-level designers, and received interviews on my first submissions!
3 / 11
Thanks to your writing help, I’ve developed a professional voice and a reputation for being succinct and articulate. Knowing you have my back has freed me to be the best director I can be and to focus on my business. I believe in hiring the best, and you truly are.
4 / 11
I LOVE the dating profile you helped me write. You really helped me lighten it up and express my playful side in a way that's tough for me to do on my own. Dating feel less like a chore, more like fun. A thousand thank-yous!
5 / 11
While I am a big fish in my own right, I'm in a small pond with a lot of sharks! Having your words at my disposal has given me the competitive edge to position myself as a cut above.
6 / 11
I had no idea what it was like interviewing and negotiating after being out of the job market for 10+ years. Your talking points helped me negotiate a higher salary as well as a later start date. I wouldn't have landed this job without you and definitely wouldn't have the offer package I do now.
7 / 11
Thank you so much for your help writing my resume. I can’t tell you what a relief it is to have it done – and done very well.
8 / 11
Thank you for helping me craft the best, most effective rebuttal to my formidable father. Communication of any kind with him has always been intimidating, but now he’s seen my point of view, and we're talking again. A miracle. Just wanted you to know.
9 / 11
You've been an invaluable ace in the hole for me. Your guidance has helped drive my success with interviews, salary negotiations, and corporate politics. Thank you for making me a smarter, more savvy creative leader.
10 / 11
Writing you from my new office! You helped me so much in those back-and-forth salary negotiations and reframing my pitch. Your help gave me the clarity and the confidence I needed to advocate for myself. Thank you!
11 / 11

We can meet with you by phone, video chat or in person. Our relationship with you and all that we create together are strictly confidential.


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